Our Story of
Exponential Growth

The Birth

LeadRoll was originally founded by our CEO Tyler Kemp who’s helped build several 7+ figure businesses and has been helping sales professionals and startups scale their sales for nearly a decade.


November 2012, He originally started in the Mortgage space and realized that relying on referrals alone was not sustainable.

Most businesses that typically rely on relationships to make a sale don’t have a predictable way to drive business.

The Discovery

He discovered cutting-edge methods of social selling and advertising. Along with a single loan officer, his team generated $120 Million per year in loan volume, with 20% growth year over year.

The Board

After a while, he served on the marketing advisory board of a $16 Billion company.

Eventually, he transitioned to the SaaS space -- helping startups like Homebot grow from $60K per month to over $200K per month in only eight months.

Present Day

LeadRoll generates over 300,000 leads per month for customers all across the globe. We save clients around 800+ hours of prospecting labor per month per salesperson and driving 10x-20x yield of employed sales teams at a fraction of the cost -- while adding a layer of predictability and certainty to our client’s topline revenue.
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