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We Pack Your
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With High-Ticket Deals

While Generating
Extreme ROI

It’s time to move on from unprofitable SDRs and scrappy growth-hack widgets…

We guarantee qualified sales appointments.

Let us show you the exact process you need in order to take your high-ticket business from low 6 & 7-figures to $10M+ ARR with outbound sales, while being extremely profitable.

We've Helped Hundreds Of High-Ticket Businesses Scale Their Outbound Sales

We've Helped Hundreds Of High-Ticket Businesses Scale Their Outbound Sales

Let's Dive Into The Exact System Your Team Needs To Get Outbound Sales Right.
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Bad Outbound Sales Is Costing You $$$

You've got big goals, and it’s tempting to cut-corners or rely on unpredictable SDR hires.
• You need a solution that finally checks all the boxes.
• You need guaranteed results, not just more marketing noise.
• You need to see the growth plans, and the ROI math.

You need a process that removes all risk.
Here's how to do it the right way WITHOUT spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on risky internal SDRs.
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Still Think Hiring Sales Development Reps Is The Answer?

If you expect to grow through SDR teams and scrappy tactics...It might be costing more than you realize…
• Long ramp-up cycles and slow scaling makes utilizing fractional sales far more efficient and predictable than more hires.
• Managing an SDR team is expensive with no guaranteed results or return...
• Appointment setters rarely have the process they need for success…

Low-Budget Automation And Low-Skill Agencies Are Sabotaging Your Success

Bad sales process and scrappy solutions are sabotaging your sales.
• Scrappy software widgets will actually get you banned.
• Cheap email automation and bad emails actually ruin your lead list.
• Most growth hacks are unethical, most agencies don't produce, and you don't need more shortcuts.
People believe what they see, not what they hear. Let us run the math with you.
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How Much Is Bad Process And Inaction Costing You?

Your market is out there…
But you're not reaching them in the most effective way... You're missing out on cash in the bank because of it.
• Every month, thousands of your ideal customers are looking for a solution to their problems… but you don't know them by name, and they don't know you.
• The longer you wait to start outbound sales (the right way), the more cash you leave on the table -- and it's a lot of money.
• Budget tactics actually burn otherwise great prospect relationships (the cost is higher than you think)...
We'll show you how to do it the right way WITHOUT scrappy automated short-cuts. Results guaranteed.
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With Outbound Sales as a Service, You Can Finally Solve The Growth Problem In Your Business

LeadRoll is built from the ground up for High-Ticket Sales Teams. Our data-driven outbound process is designed to flood your calendar with qualified appointments, drive your revenue through the roof, and help you profitably scale your business -- fast. Your closers will thank you.
Our 6-step process is designed to get you results in weeks, not months.
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Discover Our Step-By-Step Method For Scaling Revenue Through Predictable Lead Generation & Outbound Sales
The CLOSER System is designed to get you moving quickly. It’s the exact process we use at LeadRoll to deliver mind-blowing results for every client we work with, and it all starts here...
Let's run the math around your situation together, free of charge.
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Calculate The Potential

Knowing your math backwards and forwards is the first step to every great sales campaign.

We'll run the math with you so you can clearly see:
• Exactly how much you're leaving on the table by waiting to implement proper outbound marketing.

• How much you stand to grow your EBITDA, and how LeadRoll increases your probability of hitting (and exceeding) your 7/8-figure revenue goals.

• How you can eliminate all risk by working with us and establish a hyper profitable unit case.
+ Does LeadRoll guarantee results?
Start capitalizing on in-market leads through the best-in-class intent data and site-visitor identity resolution.
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Lead List Development

We know who's actually in-market for your offer, and we utilize both intent data and firmographic data to build a list of your perfect prospects:
• We spend time together getting clear on your ideal customer profile.

• No need to buy data from companies like Zoominfo, and no more tinkering around with the poor accuracy of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

• We Build the perfect lead list, and it doesn't get higher quality.

• We use intent data and site-visitor identity resolution to identify in-market prospects that are actively looking for a solution like yours.

• We don't just know the company names... we know the identity of the exact people looking for what you do, at scale.
+ How do you ensure my leads are qualified?
Let us help set up the foundations of your sales process the right way.
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Omnichannel Foundation

Backlists and spam boxes lie in wait for the unprepared…
Thankfully, we're as prepared as they come, and we build your foundation for you:
• First we identify the best way to tie in your marketing with your sales, and build trust with your leads.

• Next, we'll set up our secret-sauce infrastructure which will practically eliminate the spam problem, and help keep your messages out of the spam box.

• On those occasions where you do land in spam, we'll get you out, and we'll actively fix your deliverability in every mailbox provider we encounter week over week.
+ What's the secret to optimizing email deliverability and staying out of the spam box?
Your market may be unique, but nothing works like hyper-personalization and one-on-one outreach.
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Scripts and Personalization

We know how to write sales messages that convert. Our expert copywriting team takes care of writing your omnichannel campaign content so you don't have to:
• We've learned from hundreds of client tests, and know how to craft outbound campaigns that actually convert into sales and appointments.

• We help bridge the status delta between you and your prospect so they recognize you're the real deal.

• We manually research each and every prospect, then hand-write them a custom message that's tailored just for them.
+ You hand-write a portion of every single email? How is that scalable?
If you don't have complete control of your customer journey, it's time to work with LeadRoll.
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Execution and Process Mapping

We perform the outbound sales activity with laser precision, and follow a very specific step-by-step process:
• Every prospect goes through our bulletproof outbound action flow that controls the customer journey start-to-finish.

• Our degreed sales professionals handle the responses from your market in various channels with a focus on booking that call.

• Once the call is on the calendar we continue to send reminders and do everything in our power to increase show-up rate, so your closers are set up for success.
+ How much follow-up is actually necessary?

No need to take our word for it. Let us show you some live examples of how we manage reporting for our clients -- along with their results.
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Reporting & Optimization

We don’t just run the math with you once, we run the math every single month so you know with 100% certainty the profit you’re generating by working with us:
• Every prospect goes into a shared lead-tracker that reveals firmographic insights, and enriched contact information.

• You’ll know exactly who we’re prospecting each day, how every lead has responded, and exactly how many qualified calls we’ve booked on your behalf -- we’ll even call you or send you a recorded video of performance so you’re never left in the dark with your sales.

• Every month we’ll run new split-tests to optimize your campaign and make data-driven decisions, leaving you with perfect positioning that never stops getting better.
+ My reps suck at reporting. We don't measure like we should. How does great reporting increase sales performance?

Want Proof That We Deliver Insane Results?

Check out some of our many case studies

Generated $250,000 ARR in < 30 Days

In only a month, we were able to land him deals worth $250,000 in ARR.

Summit Facility Solutions
2,033 MQLs & 712 Replies in 47 Days

“There’s a lot of options when it comes to email marketing, social media marketing, and just branding yourself as a whole--and I’ve met with a lot of those people.

From $50M ARR to $100M in < 6 Months

“I was kind of at a plateau of fifty to sixty-million per year, and was stuck there for four consecutive years--and then I found my way to Tyler.

Movement Mortgage
$1M Gross ARR in < 90 Days

“Within a quarter, we were able to secure a million dollar deal, and I would say LeadRoll is a huge contributing factor for us being able to double annual revenue last year.

0 to 1,106 MQLs & 326 Replies in 49 Days

Jeff reached out to LeadRoll to help him solve his problem, and in less than 6 months, we were able to double his ARR to close to $100,000,000 dollars.

0 to 862 Leads and 258 Replies in 49 Days

258 people interested in an almost $200,000 offer in less than 2 months.

Generated $500,000 ARR per Rep year-over-year

“We generate 20 leads a week and close to around 5 deals a month. Average deal size is roughly $8,000 LTV.

0 to 998 MQLs and 885 Replies in 25 Days

Skill Survey reached out to LeadRoll, and we were able to generate 998 Marketing Qualified Leads in less than a month.

No items found.

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YOUR MARKET WILL RESPOND. If your leads don't show signs of life 30 days, we’ll issue a full refund.

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