0 to 70 Booked Calls in 60 Days

Project Brief:

Will Underwood is the growth manager at Oxbird, a company that focuses on helping agencies grow by offering a full range of white-label digital advertising solutions.

For 5 consecutive years, Will was unable to make a breakthrough, and he admitted to Tyler that they were booking sales calls--at best, once per week.

When he realized he finally needed some outside help, he reached out to LeadRoll.

We brought him from 4 sales calls per month to 35 for two consecutive months (70 in 60 Days).

That’s a 775% increase.

0 to 1,062 Leads and 313 Replies in 60 Days

Rock Irvin, CEO

Project Brief:

Rock Irvin is the CEO of JMG Marketing, a marketing agency for automotive companies. Like many of LeadRoll’s clients, his business was having a hard time generating leads.

He was confused as to why his marketing company wasn’t generating leads, so we helped explain to him our process and what we could do for him.

In just 2 months, we had brought his leads from 0 to 1,062, and of that group, 313 replied.

72 Booked Calls in 30 Days

Allen Darby, CEO

Project Brief:

Allen Darby is the CEO of Alaris Acquisitions, a buyer advisor M&A company in the wealth management space. With a ticket price of well over $300,000 ARR, finding solid, consistent leads would be challenging for anybody.

Allen decided to reach out to Tyler in hopes that LeadRoll could help him improve his process, and within 30 days, we were able to generate 72 booked calls.

72 people interested in a $300,000 offer in under a month.

0 to 821 MQLs and 185 Replies in 4 Months

Ryan Hauber, Partner

Project Brief:

Ryan Hauber is a partner for Honkamp Krueger & Co., a business consulting firm in the U.S., and the largest Iowa based CPA firm.

When first starting out with Honkamp Krueger & Co., Ryan knew he needed a way to consistently generate high-quality leads, so he reached out to LeadRoll.

Within 4 months, we were able to take him from 0 to 821 Marketing Qualified Leads.

From that group, 185 people responded with interest.

0 to 525 MQLs and 184 Replies in 30 Days

Michael Feeley, Co-Founde

Project Brief:

Michael Feeley is the co-founder and COO of ProComm, an all-in-one solution for IT and support. After multiple failed attempts to generate more leads for his business, Michael was ready to start looking for outside help.

So, he reached out to LeadRoll.

In under a month, we were able to increase his leads from 0 to 525, and of that group, 184 responded.

Generated 213 Leads in < 30 Days

Andy Mathisen. Development Manager


“My first month working with these guys, I was able to generate 213 leads, which means 213 new conversations that I would not have had if I didn’t have this program. It generated so much buzz about what we’re trying to accomplish with our agency, and really--at the end of the day, these people that I got in front of ultimately ended up leading to bigger and better things for what I’m trying to accomplish.

The process works. It gets everybody you’re interested in into a pipeline, funnels them to where they should be in a conversation, and pushes things along very quickly--and weeds out people who are not a good fit.

Tyler is really good at what he does-- he’s such a pro, he’s very diligent, detail oriented, and breaks things down very clearly.

At the end of the day, it’s well worth the investment, huge benefit for us.”

Project Brief:

Andy Mathisen is the Business Development Manager for Colorado Insurance, and seeing the success LeadRoll was able to achieve with helping him and his brother with Glove Box, he decided to reach out for help with this one as well.

In less than a month, we were able to generate them 213 new leads.

0 to 998 MQLs and 885 Replies in 25 Days

Project Brief:

SkillSurvey is a SaaS company focused on helping companies, recruiters, or firms make data driven decisions when hiring new talent. For a while, they had an extremely difficult time generating consistent leads, no matter what they tried. Eventually, they had to hire a new VP of sales in order to figure out what their problem was--and he realized that they needed to transform their sales process entirely.

So, he reached out to LeadRoll, and we were able to generate 998 Marketing Qualified Leads in less than a month.

Of that group, 885 (89%) of them responded.

Generated $250,000 ARR in < 30 Days

Project Brief:

Rocco Bove, owner of Summit Facility Solutions, offers cleaning and sanitation services to local businesses around the Chicago area. Because of his geographical limitations, Rocco found it incredibly difficult to find new customers, especially given his high-ticket cost.

Rocco finally made the decision to seek outside help, and reached out to LeadRoll.

In only a month, we were able to land him deals worth $250,000 in ARR.

Even with something as niche as sanitation services--and limited by geography, we proved that we still are able to achieve results.

Generated $500,000 ARR per Rep year-over-year

Alex Belding, Co-Founder


“We generate 20 leads a week and close to around 5 deals a month. Average deal size is roughly $8,000 LTV.

LeadRoll offers a great return for us.”

Project Brief:

Alex Belding is the co-founder of WebriQ, a SaaS company focusing on helping other companies improve their user experience and website performance by migrating to Jamstack.

Before LeadRoll, WebriQ was doing okay, bringing in decent numbers--but just like many others who need our help, had a hard time generating consistent, quality leads.

Alex decided to reach out to LeadRoll for some assistance.

Since we’ve begun working with WebriQ, we’ve helped them generate $500,000 in ARR per sales rep, year-after-year.

0 to 862 Leads and 258 Replies in 49 Days

Ian Mirels, Founder

Ian Mirels, founder of EFTsure (an Australian fraud protection company), reached out to Tyler on a recommendation from a joint Venture Capital organisation after listening to one of his podcasts.

After deciding to work with LeadRoll, they went from 0 to 862 leads in 49 days, and of that group, 258 responded with interest.

0 to 662 MQLs & 200 Replies in 30 Days

Tiffany Carter, Real Estate Agent

Tiffany Carter from Compass Colorado Realty is a real estate agent that works in the Denver area. With over 14,000 competitors in her area alone, she found it extremely difficult to stand out amongst the crowd.

She needed to get herself in front of more prospects, but didn’t want to resort to purchasing leads from Zillo, and door-to-door pitching just wasn’t very efficient.

So, she reached out to LeadRoll.

We were able to filter prospects by neighborhood and zip code, and did the prospecting for her, saving her a lot of time and money. In 30 days, we were able to generate her 662 Marketing Qualified Leads, 200 of which responded.

We helped her go from 0 to 200 leads in less than a month, all located in the same area.

0 to 1,106 MQLs & 326 Replies in 49 Days

Matthew Wolach, Founder

Project Brief:

Matthew Wolach is the founder of Xsellus Consulting, a business centered around helping international SaaS companies break into the U.S. market.

His company was having a similar problem to most of our other clients: they were having a hard time generating high-quality, consistent leads. In fact, Matthew told us that on a good month, they would generate at most only 4 new leads.

His business mentor recommended he  get in contact with us to help him scale, so he did.

49 days later, we had reached out to 1,106 international companies, and from that group, got 326 responses.

We had helped them go from 4 leads to 326 in less than 2 months.

From $50M ARR to $100M in < 6 Months

Jeff Van Nostran, Loan Officer


“I was kind of at a plateau of fifty to sixty-million per year, and was stuck there for four consecutive years--and then I found my way to Tyler.

We’ve had upwards of three to six months under our belt and it’s been awesome--I have nothing but good things to say about them. It’s like having them on my team, except they’re not on my payroll.

They’ve done a phenomenal job.

It’s worth its weight in gold to have my name and brand out there in the marketplace. Right now, I’m averaging close to ten-million per month in closed loan production.

I wanted to grow to one-hundred-million plus in ARR, and now I’m on track to reach it thanks to Tyler.

Anybody that’s looking for that sort of help or support, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Tyler and his team.”

Project Brief:

Jeff Van Nostran is a Mortgage Loan Officer for Movement Mortgage. For 4 years, his Annual Recurring Revenue had hit a plateau at around $50-$60,000,000, he just didn’t have a consistent way to generate high-quality leads.

Jeff reached out to LeadRoll to help him solve his problem, and in less than 6 months, we were able to double his ARR to close to $100,000,000 dollars.

$1M Gross ARR < 90 Days

Brianna Carney, Co-Founder


“Within a quarter, we were able to secure a million dollar deal, and I would say LeadRoll is a huge contributing factor for us being able to double annual revenue last year.

Before moving forward with LeadRoll, I think we were a bit hesitant--we had already allocated our technical marketing spend for the year, we had an existing sales process and team in place--and in addition, we’re just really obsessed with brand so all content needed to align.

The LeadRoll team just really set themselves apart in terms of their responsiveness, their team is amazing. They are so responsive, so professional, and really proved to be an invested partner in us driving revenue last year.

If you’re on the fence about LeadRoll, I would just hop on a call with their team.”

Brianna Carney, Co-Founder at Crewbloom

Project Brief:

Brianna Carney is the co-founder of Crewbloom, a company that helps companies of all sizes connect with the top two percent of remote professionals.

She was able to reach seven-figures after multiple years of hard work and perseverance.

Despite her success, she wasn’t entirely happy with the speed at which she was able to generate new leads, so when LeadRoll reached out and offered to help her, it seemed like the most logical choice.

In less than 90 from when we started working together, we were able to double her Annual Recurring Revenue from the previous year, and generate an additional $1,000,000 in sales revenue.

What had taken her several years to accomplish only took us 3 months.

0 to 2,033 MQLs & 712 Replies in 47 Days

Ryan Mathisen, CEO


“There’s a lot of options when it comes to email marketing, social media marketing, and just branding yourself as a whole--and I’ve met with a lot of those people. When I met with Tyler, it was really different. The reason why was because Tyler has a really good understanding of the sales process. The nice thing about his program is he doesn’t just focus on one aspect of marketing, he really shows you a fluid process.

My first month and a half, I got almost 500 candidates in my system, and out of that, I’ve been able to convert quite a few of them. That was really neat for me to have a built-in conversation with somebody without me having to do anything. Tyler’s program took that off my plate and did it automatically for me.

I highly recommend that you at least sit down with Tyler so that he can show you his step-by-step process to marketing, it will really change the way that you think about digital marketing as a whole.”

Project Brief:

After a seven-figure exit from a company he helped run, Ryan Mathisen decided to invest his earnings into founding a new SaaS company, Glove Box. He wanted to create a service that allowed insurance policy holders to access all of their documents, pay their bills, file claims and more--all in one centralized place.

The first thing Ryan did was reach out to LeadRoll.

Having already established a relationship with Ryan, and having successfully worked together in the past, we agreed to help him--pre-revenue.

In the first 47 days of working together, we prospected 2,000 Marketing Qualified Leads.

From that group, 712 responded, and agreed to take action once the product launched--most of which stayed true to their word once it did.

Ryan admits that his company is having a hard time finding the resources to keep up with all of their new leads.