LeadRoll FAQs

My industry is unique. Have you worked with a business like mine?

We've worked with hundreds of businesses in a variety of shapes, sizes, and industries.
One of the things we heard from a lot of our clients before they started working with us was that they felt their industry was so unique, and they had experienced so many disappointing failures in the past, that it made it hard to comprehend a system and process that works as well as the system and process we implement at LeadRoll.
We have three criteria before we'll work with you as a client:
(1) You should have a client lifetime value (LTV) around or greater than $10,000. $50k LTV and above is a real sweet-spot.
(2) You must have the ability to sell via a call or remote conference (ex. zoom, meet, etc.), and not just face-to-face.
(3) You need to approach outbound with the correct mindset. If you don't understand the grueling nature of sales, and aren't able to handle negative replies or hateful prospects, this isn't for you.

If you meet those criteria... there's a strong chance we can help you. This holds true whether you're an IT Service Provider, a SaaS Startup, a Marketing Agency, whether you're in Finance, or even if you're in a very very obscure niche.

Take a quiz, and jump on a discovery call with our team of experts. We'll run the math with you and see if it makes sense in your exact situation.

Can I use the CLOSER System on my own?

You sure can, but then again... How much risk do you want to take on?
If you work with LeadRoll, we'll help eliminate any risk.
We're also the absolute best there is when it comes to outbound.
No one runs the math like we do.
No one has lead data like we do.
No one sets up the foundation like we do.
No one hyper-personalizes like we do.
No one controls the process like we do.
No one reports the data and optimizes like we do.
It's a fact. We don't say this with arrogance... but truly the competition simply doesn't come close.
Work with LeadRoll to execute the CLOSER System with precision.
At minimum, give us the opportunity to bid on your project.
You'll be glad you did.

Can’t I just purchase lead lists from Zoominfo, Clearbit, or just use Sales Navigator?

You can... but you wouldn't if you truly knew what we could do for you in terms of intent data.
It may seem like a minor point from the outside looking in...
After all, there are a LOT of places to buy data. Some obscenely cheap. Others outrageously expensive.
So what's the difference?
Let me answer by telling you about OUR data here at LeadRoll:
We know the precise identities of your in-market prospects.
We know who's looking online for your type of service or product.
We know who's looking at your competitors.
We know who's looking for both B2B and B2C solutions.
We know just about everything about them... their tax return... if they pulled credit recently... what they're looking up on search engines... what social media groups they're a part of... everything.
More importantly, this isn't data you can just go and buy. We have exclusive access.
This means that even if you went to ZoomInfo, Clearbit, Bomboora, etc... You would pay a MINIMUM of $15,000 for portal access, with most people paying around $150k for anywhere near the quantity of data that you need...
An it's inferior data.
Firmographic searches (i.e. by title, employee count, industry, etc.) are inherently not good enough. This means that your lift from a service like LinkedIn Sales Navigator is still going to be marginal. Those are not in-market prospects.
Sales Navigator pricing may seem appealing... but you'll only waste your time and money if you're looking for proper lead generation.
Here's the point:
We target by capitalizing on three fronts:
(1) Your firmographic qualification,
(2) By search intent and competitor research.
(3) By resolving the personal identity of 30%-70% of your website visitors.

This is targeting you can't buy anywhere else, and it's your key to insane profits.

Your website keeps mentioning all of this work. Who’s doing all this?

Think of it like this: the CLOSER System is our thesis of what needs to exist in your business in order to be successful in scaling your outbound sales initiative.
The 6-steps therein are the ingredients that you need, irrespective of LeadRoll being in the picture.
By teaching what we've learned and sharing the secret-sauce to success, it gives our features and benefits context. Once you know what you need to do, the next step is simply a matter of deciding how you'll get it done.
At LeadRoll, we handle all of the execution.
We handle the hyper-personalized outreach.
We handle the appointment setting and back-and-forth lead chasing.
We handle the responses and daily objection handling.
We do everything you would want your team of Sales Development Reps doing... except at 10x the yield and only a fraction of the price.
In short, we deliver the keys to the kingdom in regards to your sales process, and we put our money where our mouth is. Results guaranteed.
You can try and do it yourself, but your chances of getting it right are slim to none.
No one has data like we do.
No one can monitor and beat spam like we do.
No one delivers results like we do, and we have the case-studies to prove it.
Let's work together to get this done.

How do you charge? Am I paying for leads, or is it a flat-rate?

If we charged per lead... the price would be astronomical at our volume of production.
For that reason, and for the benefit of predictability on your end, we charge flat rate.
We guarantee enough appointments so that you can't lose, AND we don't cap how many appointments we generate for you.
Expect it to be highly profitable. With our mastery of craft and unique access to intent-based lead pools, it's not uncommon for us to achieve dramatic, if not life-changing results.

How are you tracking all this data?

We'll tell you both how, and WHY.
Regarding the how, we catalogue all leads and every single KPI in your exclusive lead tracker.
Every action and every meaningful datapoint is accounted for.
The data is enriched to perfection, and we build a complete profile of every lead we pursue -- at a volume of 2,000-4,000 per month per seat of LeadRoll.
Your sales people will breathe a sigh of releaf knowing that we're the ones keeping track of every ounce of the campaign, meaning you don't have to lift a finger.
The WHY is simple...
You can't count what you don't measure. You also can't optimize if you don't track relentlessly.
If you haven't noticed yet, we're a little nuts about data.
We LOVE data, and that means we need to track everything -- even data points that may seem irrelevant.
This all ties back to your math.
When we know our data, we know our numbers.
When we know our numbers, you can't lose.
With LeadRoll at the helm, skeptic or not... you'll finally get the help you always needed.

What kind of results can I expect?

This is the honest truth... You've never seen the equal of our performance.
We don't cut corners. That alone sets us apart from the competition.
It also means that you get the process needed to drive real results. When we say results, we mean appointments on the calendar, and as a result... money in the bank.
It's simply the most revenue driving activity you'll ever employ in your business, and in all our years, with all our exposure and unique access to large-scale deals... we have never seen anything like it either.
At minimum, you can expect enough appointments on your calendar so that, no matter what, you don't lose money.
Conservatively, if you do half as well as our worst client, you can expect to be highly profitable with several high-ticket in-market sales appointments each week.
Realistically, we're going to keep you and your sales team quite busy.
It's not hard to do the math...
If we're reaching out to 2,000+ IN-MARKET prospects that fit your profile for lead qualification each month, using our uniquely refined process for success, and they're already looking for a solution just like yours...
What do you think the results will be?
Better than what you tried in the past. Of that you can be certain.

How long does it take to get up and running with LeadRoll?

It will take you 1-2 weeks at most to be up and running.
After a short onboarding period, we'll start with either Firmographic information or interest based targeting.
Then we'll quickly add on intent and website visitor leads.
You'll start seeing results in your first 1-2 weeks of being live.
By day 30, we will have a great base-line of results to measure against.
By day 60, we will have solved any outstanding issues or surprises that might have come up in the campaign, and we ought to have identified messaging that converts.
By day 90 you'll already be swimming in leads and prospects, and ready to be a LeadRoll client for life.

Can’t I just try it for one month first?

What takes others years takes us mere months to accomplish.
However, we put in exhaustive effort to ensure that you are wildly successful.
Our process is complex, and that complexity requires time.
It also requires a lot of hands-on care to ensure you always win. That's the cost of guaranteed success.
At our level of performance, we need commitment from you, and that means there's a reasonable commit period designed to allow us the time needed to get you the results you came to us for.
The unfortunate fact is that 95% of businesses don’t see results when they work with outside agencies because they don’t give their campaign the adequate time it needs to succeed.
We will never let that be the narrative of those who work with us.
We don’t take short-cuts in our performance, and we simply don’t work with businesses that want to take short-cuts with us.

Now what?

Take the Quiz to see if you qualify for this exceptional opportunity.