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Ryan Mathisen
Vice President
I was introduced to LeadRoll from a business associate of mine about four months ago. My first month they generated almost 500 candidates in my system, and out of that I’ve been able to convert quite a few of them. There are a lot of options when it comes to social media marketing and branding as a whole, but when I met with Tyler it was really different -- and the reason why is Tyler has a very good understanding of a sales process, and the mindset behind the person you’re trying to attract. It was very interesting having conversations started for me on LinkedIn with qualified candidates, and I didn’t have to step in until it was time for me to continue the conversation. That’s been my experience with LeadRoll, it’s been fantastic, and I highly recommend that you at least jump on a strategy call with them so they can show you their step-by-step process… It will really change the way that you think about digital marketing as a whole. And if you’re a novice that’s fantastic because you’re going to the right company to start.
Mario Romano
Director of Sales
I’ve been working with LeadRoll for several months now, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business in generating leads. I’ve probably averaged well over 150 leads per month, but more importantly I’ve converted those leads into actual recruits. I’ve had tremendous success in getting in front of prospects I probably never would have any other way. It’s automated. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s probably the best money I’ve spent in my business this year by far. I definitely recommend LeadRoll and working with their team.
Josh Rigden
Certified Financial Planner
Loving LeadRoll so far! I got my outbound sales funnel up and running with positive responses in no time.
Andy Mathisen
Sales Development Director
First and foremost, my first month when I got started with these guys I was able to generate 213 leads… Meaning 213 new conversations that I wouldn’t have had were it not for this program. It’s generated so much buzz about what we’re trying to accomplish at our Agency, and the people I was able to get in front of led to bigger and better things for what I’m trying to accomplish. Whatever industry you’re in, the process just works… It gets your ideal prospects into a pipeline, it funnels them into where they should be in the conversation, it pushes things along quickly, and it weeds out the people who are just truly not a good fit. It’s well worth the investment.
Amy Freeman
Real Estate Advisor
LeadRoll opened my eyes to cutting edge strategies for outbound lead generation.
David Shelton
Regional Sales Manager
LeadRoll is a force to be reckoned with. I could not have been prepared for the deliberate complexity and intelligent nuances of their processes. Steve Jobs said, ‘We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?’ LeadRoll is already doing that.
Jake Hyten
CEO, Manufacturing
My company researched 3 of the top companies in this space including Leadroll to help us generate leads and relationships via outbound. Tyler at Leadroll stood above the other two we interviewed by miles! Literally one of the companies seemed to rush us off the phone when I told them we were comparing 3 companies and one of them was leadroll. Almost as if they already knew they would not win us over Leadroll! And they would have been right. LeadRoll was by far the most sophisticated, high touch, and well put together program than the others. Because of Tyler's strong bacground in sales him and his team were able to put together some amazing scripts for our outreach program. He also continued to go above and beyond in giving us great ideas for our company that will help us overall and with this specific outreach program. I highly recommend including LeadRoll in your consideration and I am pretty certain you will be incredibly happy and excited with the campaign they will help you put together and then execute on.
Sales Manager
Basically it’s like a full time sales rep in my account every single day, but at a fraction of the cost and effort. Qualified appointment booked for me right on the calendar, that I can easily convert. It’s real, and it works.
Chris Thomson
Commercial Insurance Agent
Damn, LeadRoll is changing the game. This is big. If you're in sales, and you sell to other businesses, you need to be doing this. They don’t just generate leads, they build relationships and set appointments. That's a game changer.
Christopher Paulus
LeadRoll has a profound understanding of a solid sales process, and what it takes to succeed in a competitive sales environment. If you haven’t tried lead generation through outbound, this is the place to start.
Jonah C
I spent two months trying to figure out how to generate leads with cold email myself...then ditched after I saw this. It's an amazing solution for anyone in B2B sales to win and add predictable appointments with very little effort. However, I’m still able to do my thing while they’re working on the back-end! If you’re on the fence… just go with LeadRoll. You won’t regret it.
Richard H.
Sales Director
This. Is. Incredible. I'm a few months in and couldn't be happier. The onboarding experience and overall results are superb. The LeadRoll team is super responsive as well. :)
Sarah T.
Business Coach
An indisputably successful company for booking sales appointments. I'll definitely be using their service for the foreseeable future. Thanks for making this a reality!
Rebeccah H.
As a business owner for over 25 years I've seen a lot of marketing and lead generation services. LeadRoll is one of the best I've ever seen. I literally didn’t have to do anything except respond to the conversations with the leads that they generated. Amazing job putting it all together and providing an indispensable lead gen service!

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