The Three Currencies of Business and How to Use LinkedIn to Tap Their Potential

If you find yourself stuck on the “hustle hamster wheel”, always scrambling to generate leads, keep up with demand and then generate new leads, it’s time to find a better way forward.

Tyler Kemp
June 12, 2019

If you find yourself stuck on the “hustle hamster wheel”, always scrambling to generate leads, keep up with demand and then generate new leads, it’s time to find a better way forward.

This is why I have developed an innovative formula to help your business harness the power of LinkedIn to shoot to the top.

The F.I.R.E. Formula is a fail proof strategy to help businesses establish themselves as industry leaders and influencers by focusing on their marketing strategy on frequency, intimacy, relevancy, and efficiency.

By focusing on using the unrivaled B2B marketing potential of LinkedIn to tap into these three key qualities of consistent success, you will finally be able to step outside of the hustle and take your business’ growth potential to a whole new level.

1. Revenue

This one might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many entrepreneurs forget the importance of generating new leads to increase their bottom line and cash in on their true growth potential.

Here’s the thing. LinkedIn offers B2B business owners one of the easiest ways to secure new sources of revenue. The key is knowing how to tap into this power.

2. Relationships

Do you find yourself in the grip of tumultuous boom and bust cycles of prospecting, struggling to meet the influx of demand and having to go out and start all over again once the storm clears?

You are not alone. The good news is that is doesn’t have to be like this.

Any successful long term marketing strategy needs to focus not just on generating new leads but maintaining strong relationships with an existing client base.

One of the starting stones to establishing oneself as an industry authority is to continue to build on already existing relationships.

Maintaining strong client-centered interactions will help you to stabilize your growth and give you the strong foundation that you need to expand from.

3. Audience

If you are not speaking to the right kind of people, you are wasting time, money and energy. It’s that simple.

This is why it would be such a shame not to harness the power of LinkedIn to narrow down on highly targeted leads that are more likely to translate to conversions.

This means taking the time to specify your search terms by keywords so that you are generating the kind of leads that are going to pay off.

So are you ready to learn how to fully harness the magic of LinkedIn to grow your revenue base, build stable relationships and target the right kind of leads that will ultimately pay off? Then it is time to invest in fueling your business' growth in a way that will last.

If so, I have the ultimate solution to help you succeed. Leadroll will allow you to tap into the F.I.R.E. Formula to finally jump off the hamster wheel and tap into a fail proof growth program.

There is no better time than the present to break the wheel and begin fueling your long-term growth strategy. I’m going to show you how. Come check out my site today to find out more.

Tyler Kemp
June 12, 2019
Tyler has been marketing for top producing sales people for nearly a decade, and has gone from participating in the marketing advisory board of a $16 Billion company, to helping software startups scale a national salesforce. He now operates a sales accelerator service exclusively for B2B sales people helping them generate predictable leads on LinkedIn for as little as $99/m flat.

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