Leveraging LinkedIn's Latest Updates

Like other social networks, LinkedIn's interface and features change and get updated -- so you need to be in the know...

Tyler Kemp
April 18, 2019

LinkedIn is an essential tool in B2B marketing and sales.

Like other social networks, its interface and features change and get updated -- so you need to be in the know... How will the latest enhancements affect your networking, marketing, and sales strategies?

Here are four LinkedIn updates and how you can leverage them.

1. LinkedIn Live

Announced in February, the new live video feature aims to be the professional's answer to the popularity of live video across all other social media platforms.

LinkedIn Live will be the tool to use for product announcements, live streaming conferences, and other content that fits with a company's industry.

How to Use It: Unfortunately, LinkedIn Live is open only to a select few right now. It's not clear if the tool will be available to everyone, or just brands and influencers that LinkedIn selects.

It will be interesting to see how the beta-testing companies use LinkedIn Live and the response they will get from it.

Until we know, your company can decide to take a wait-and-see approach or incorporate possible future LinkedIn Live video into your overall marketing strategy.

2. Changes in Groups

LinkedIn has changed what people see in their Groups.

Too much spam in Group posts made Group members tune out or leave, so LinkedIn has reportedly tweaked the Group notification process.

It also allows Group admins to notify members of important posts or conversations.

How to Use It: This spam filter of sorts is welcome news if your company is a key part of a Group that is important to your LinkedIn page or strategy -- as long as you are truly participating in conversations and not relying on spam to get the attention of the members.

This change has the potential for your discussions to be seen by more relevant would-be connections.

3. Hashtags

LinkedIn users can follow various topics, or communities, via hashtags.

Following hashtags helps LinkedIn provide a home page feed that’s based on your interests (and the interests of your prospective customers).

Connecting with others who follow the same hashtags is a great way to make a connection that highlights your specialties as well as where your interests lie.

How to Use It: Use hashtags in your posts related to your industry.

When you create original content for LinkedIn, use a few relevant hashtags that will get the attention of the people you want to reach.

When you share a post, too, a hashtag can draw more attention to it.

Another way to use hashtags in your sales and marketing efforts is to use the hashtags your clients and prospects use.

If you have LinkedIn connections who are clients or prospects, you can see which hashtags they use on their posts -- and use the same in yours, if they're relevant.

4. Post Algorithms

Just like search engines, LinkedIn reportedly updates its algorithm to deliver the most relevant content to your feed.

There are various filters that check a post's quality but once people engage with a post, LinkedIn is more likely to keep showing it.

How to Use It: Post and share content that is useful to your audience and relevant to your industry.

If your post is something that will help someone do their job, or make them look good for re-posting it, then it's likely to do well.

Also, make sure that any sources you site or links you use are up to date and reputable so your post passes the algorithmic sniff test.

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Tyler Kemp
April 18, 2019
Tyler has been marketing for top producing sales people for nearly a decade, and has gone from participating in the marketing advisory board of a $16 Billion company, to helping software startups scale a national salesforce. He now operates a sales accelerator service exclusively for B2B sales people helping them generate predictable leads on LinkedIn for as little as $99/m flat.

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