How to Maximize the Reach of Your LinkedIn Comments

In this article we'll share a highly underutilized technique that will help you build relationships with potential clients via the posts on your feed.

Tyler Kemp
April 3, 2019

I receive several emails and messages a week asking for LinkedIn sales tips from both clients and prospects alike…

"How can I convert more leads on LinkedIn?"

"How can I reach my target audience via LinkedIn?"

"Who should my target audience be on LinkedIn?"

Ah, now that's an interesting one…

Everyone knows that you can connect with people you know off of LinkedIn, but what are other ways that you can meet potential customers?

There's a highly underutilized technique that will help you build relationships with potential clients via the posts on your feed.

Best of all, it's incredibly easy: Leave a comment.

It's that simple.

This allows you to reach out to a prospect and be seen by others in their network.

Agree and Add Valuable Insight

Disagreeing with potential customers on LinkedIn is going to cost you sales.

If you disagree with ninety percent of what the original author says, that's fine.

Comment on the ten percent you do agree with.

This is a great chance to build on the topics by adding in your unique perspective and experience.

You might have valuable insight into the subject, so take the opportunity to really sell yourself.

Saying something positive will make your potential client more open to working with you in the future.


When you leave your comment, make sure you tag the original author as well as one or two other connections who may be interested in the content.

By tagging the original author, you're speaking directly to them.

Your goals should always include building and strengthening relationships, and this is what tags are meant for.

(Don't overdo it by tagging them in every single comment, but make your voice heard.)

Think of the one or two tagged connections you draw into the conversation as your wingmen.

Their purpose is to keep the conversation going and give you opportunities to stand out.

Just be careful not to let them hijack the conversation... You want them to help make you look better, not steal your new prospect.

Ask Engaging Questions

Part of building up a relationship is asking questions, but you need to ask questions that build on the conversation.

Don't start off by asking about something that has already been covered.

This is a great way to prove that you haven't been paying attention.

Read over the conversation, and ask something new.

By asking the author directly, you start a direct conversation with them.

You are showing them that you want to know more about what they have to say.

And don't forget that other commenters could become clients as well.

By being open to speaking to several people, you increase your chances of selling.

Comment Frequently With Purpose

Keep the comments rolling, but make sure that they have a purpose.

Stay on subject and speak intelligently.

No text lingo.

You want to seem professional, but also personable.

You can do both without resorting to 'lol' every time someone says something you find amusing.

I can't stress enough that commenting on LinkedIn is a great way to build connections and find new customers.

LinkedIn is about forming relationships and a large part of that is communication.

Reach out by commenting and see who you can connect with.

Interested in more tips and sales advice?

Check out my site for more about my method for selling effectively on LinkedIn.

Tyler Kemp
April 3, 2019
Tyler has been marketing for top producing sales people for nearly a decade, and has gone from participating in the marketing advisory board of a $16 Billion company, to helping software startups scale a national salesforce. He now operates a sales accelerator service exclusively for B2B sales people helping them generate predictable leads on LinkedIn for as little as $99/m flat.

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