F.I.R.E. Formula :: Intimacy Means Building Real Relationships With Your Audience

Intimacy, executed properly, will influence your audience to buy your product or service.

Tyler Kemp
April 26, 2019

Intimacy is the second component of my trademarked F.I.R.E Formula and it focuses on the types of relationships you'll need to build with your audience in order to cultivate lasting trust.

Intimacy, executed properly, will influence your audience to buy your product or service.


Sure, technology has made intimacy feel like an unachievable goal, but it has also made it easier than ever to connect with and engage your prospects.

Building intimacy requires a little extra effort to separate yourself from the masses who are attempting to sell, sell, sell (often with little forethought of how to approach their targets and nurture relationships).

Technology has introduced a wave of spam and promotions filters so it’s hard to stand out.

But it’s not impossible.

Today, we can connect with the click of a button, but it’s the thoughtful messages we send and the genuine relationships we try to nurture that truly make sales.

Effective LinkedIn sellers remove corporate jargon and spammy language from their vocabulary and convince their audience they're interested in helping solve personal pain points above making a sale.

Today’s consumer wants to know they're buying from a real human being who understands their needs.

1. Transparency

Transparency means being honest and authentic with your audience.

This can mean sharing painful experiences or personal anecdotes of failure and deep learnings.

For entrepreneurs that have gone to great lengths to filter certain aspects of their lives, this can be counter-intuitive.

But the truth is that customers aren't looking for perfection.

Customers today are in search of transparency, and they're willing to buy products and services that provide it.

Transparency means sharing your losses along with your wins.

It means highlighting the things that make you human and building upon the shared human experience with your audience.

Luckily, technology makes it even easier to share these personal moments without being face to face.

2. Transformation

We've evolved past the information age.

In the past, we focused on informing our audience about our product or service.

Now, our audience requires that we explain exactly how our product or service will transform their lives.

The thing about communicating transformation is that it requires a real relationship.

If you do the things I've already suggested, this won't be too difficult.

Instead of informing your audience about the benefits of a product or service, focus on how it can transform their everyday experience.

This means expressing—often through story—the value your product delivers in real life, relatable scenarios.

3. Transition Away From Manipulation

Salespeople have always used certain mechanisms to manipulate buyers into buying their products.

Some salespeople even use psychology as a tool to manipulate their audience.

Think about countdown timers or landing pages...

The simple truth is that manipulation will become increasingly less effective as people become savvier.

The market is becoming more sophisticated, particularly when it comes to spotting marketing gimmicks that worked in the past.


It makes sense to transition away from this form of marketing.  

Convincing audiences today will require explaining the transformative power of our product or services.   

4. Tribe

The final component of intimacy is tribe.

This means building an audience that is not only engaged with you but with others.

Tribes are imperative for building your online brand.

Think about Facebook groups actively discussing their favorite podcast, or YouTube comments enlightening others on other videos that might be well-received.

These people are happily engaged in a form of marketing that benefits everyone.

Make use of that free publicity and encourage your buyers to explore their shared experiences!

How Can I Increase My Marketing Intimacy?

So, how can you go about increasing your intimacy?

It's simple.

Your blogs and social media posts need to sound like they're coming from a real, authentic human being.  

Better yet, express your own personal philosophy in a way that resonates with your audience.

Share anecdotes from your own life.

Share your wildest dreams.

This is the type of vulnerability that builds lasting trust.  

Contact me if you’d like to increase your intimacy with your audience or learn more about implementing the F.I.R.E Formula.

Tyler Kemp
April 26, 2019
Tyler has been marketing for top producing sales people for nearly a decade, and has gone from participating in the marketing advisory board of a $16 Billion company, to helping software startups scale a national salesforce. He now operates a sales accelerator service exclusively for B2B sales people helping them generate predictable leads on LinkedIn for as little as $99/m flat.

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